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We currently offer three account types. The Personal Forecaster is for hobby forecasters and weather enthusiasts that use our model maps only for their private purposes. The Commercial Forecaster offers the usage for some commercial purposes specified in our TOS. The Industry ENERGY account is tailored especially for the needs of energy industry professionals. is developing industry tailored subscription plans that will help our clients to quickly overview the weather situation and make educated decisions for their companies and clients based on our data and forecasting tools.

The first subscription plan in line is Industry ENERGY. The Industry ENERGY account type includes all the International Commercial Forecaster maps, plus an additional custom Dashboard, Weighted Degree Days, Degree Day Sums, Weighted City Forecasts, a model verification table, and additional special charts and maps.

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Of course, we will also provide you with special solutions customized and tailored to the unique needs of your business if you need even more detailed data.

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